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We provide fast track commercial arbitration platform for rapid and fair resolution of commercial disputes, whether the disputes are domestic or international.

Our arbitration and conciliation centre named 'Lok Lawaad', provides one-of-the-best and one-of-the-fastest arbitration resolution option for commercial disputes between the parties. The venue of arbitration for physical hearings is Pune. However, the venue of arbitration for virtual hearings can be same as the seat of arbitration defined under arbitration agreement of the parties, thus expanding our jurisdiction across India. Thus, any party in India can approach Lok Lawaad for quick dispute redressal.

We undertake arbitration proceeding as and when it is invoked. Our policy entails us to complete proceedings within 60 days time, making it the fastest and time saving dispute resolution platform for the corporate companies. Lok Lawaad charges Rs.5000/- only as fees for the complete arbitration proceeding irrespective of the transaction value. Adv. Harshal Jadhav of Lok Lawaad works as a sole arbitrator and escrow manager between the disputed parties.

The aggrieved party can easily opt arbitration service of Adv Harshal Jadhav of Lok Lawaad as the sole arbitrator for the resolution of the dispute between the litigant parties. The arbitration clause will be invoked by the aggrieved party once they send a request email to us for initiating arbitration. After our confirmation for initiation, the aggrieved i.e. the complainant party has to send a notice to the opposite party stating therein that they have appointed us as the sole arbitrator for the dispute resolution. The parties can also appoint us if both disputed parties mutually wish to replace already appointed arbitrator. The parties can also appoint us if there is a need for third presiding arbitrator as contemplated in a disputed agreement. Adv Harshal Jadhav of Lok Lawaad works as a neutral arbitrator for quick and fair resolution of disputes.

For initiation of arbitration, you need to send a request email to us for our appointment as your arbitrator on the given email id in our contact section. The email subject line should read 'Request for Arbitration-Lok Lawaad' and a brief synopsis of the dispute should be mentioned in the email. We will confirm your request, and after receipt of our confirmation email to you, you need to send a notice to the opposite party for our appointment as an arbitrator.

Lok Lawaad forum under Adv Harshal Jadhav is an arbitral tribunal and is a legal statutory body under Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996 to issue awards/ orders, which are legally binding to the parties. In case if the losing party does not comply to the order issued by us, the winning party has full rights under law to execute the same through District Civil Court or the Supreme Court.

Fast Track Commercial Arbitration Centre: Service
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