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Distanced Couple


Matrimonial issues are the ones which are carefully addressed by us for a meaningful resolution. Handling family disputes not only need a discerning mind but also an empathetic approach. We fight and contest divorce matters as well as issues of alimony / maintenance of spouse and matters relating to the custody of children. We take up mutual divorce matters where spouses mutually consent to divorce. We effectively resolve division of joint property assets in divorce matters.

In some matters, we need to look into data collection and thorough investigation of charges for strengthening the merit of the case. We provide ancillary para-legal support for the same. In few cases, we support issues in the matters of live-in relationships as well as the matters of promise to marriage.

In certain cases, the client simply wants to share the plain issues, instead of chosing a legal way out. Some wants to talk over their emotional fervor, or a paradoxical situation they face, however thereby having an apprehension towards a discourse of legal option. In such cases, they avail our counselling service to resolve. We counsel in such disputes to save marriage and assist in envisioning their future friction-less, peaceful life.

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