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Reviewing the Law


Our team of Corporate Law expert including of a practicing Company Secretary and practicing lawyer ready to advise our clients on Company Law related matters. Be it a company formation, company law compliance, corporate governance, resignation of director, change in authorized capital, capital restructuring, share transfer agreement, complete acquisition of a company, merger & acquisition, operational mismanagement, competition law compliance, cases of inter corporate deposits (icd), SEBI related securities law, financial recoveries, transfer of assets, bankruptcy/ insolvency/ liquidation or dissolution of a company, etc.

We deal in dispute resolution viz. non compliance of government regulatory reporting, money recovery disputes, performance of contract disputes, enforcement of contract issues, labour issues, employment laws and contracts, environmental law compliance, cases in National Green Tribunal (NGT), MSME cases, Drafting of Non Compete / Non Disclosure/ Arbitration contracts & disputes thereof and so on.

We also advise with respect to HR policies and with the provisions of prevention of sexual harassment of women in workplace (POSH) Act, wherein we assist companies in establishing internal committee, organizing workshops and awareness programs for employees & orientation programs for internal committee; assisting internal committee and our clients in case procedure and preparation of report and in other requisite compliance as mandated by the POSH Act. 

We serve as our client's own legal department on yearly retainer basis. We represent our clients as a general counsel.

Our Commercial Law practice deals in commercial contract drafting, contract management, contract review, vetting and contract negotiation. The contracts executed with partners, investors, employees, customers, vendors or suppliers are prepared and analysed by us to facilitate and support client.

Corporate & Commercial Law: Practices
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